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Sixteen*(makers) is a multidisciplinary architectural design network that operates between academia, practice and industry. Central to our approach is the production of speculative prototypes that discover, evolve and adapt ideas, some of which begin as a hunch or curiosity. In recent years we have developed an intimate understanding of digital and analogue manufacturing processes, time based realities, responsive systems, environmental behaviours, and design that adapts to change. For more than two decades, our skills have evolved by adopting techniques from the hand-made to the digitally crafted. Outputs range from buildings, installations, furniture and research constructs, to a diverse collection of printed matter. Our practice can be described as 'Design through Making'; a phrase that implies that design does not end when making begins.

Sixteen*(makers) are: Phil Ayres, Nick Callicott, Chris Leung, Bob Sheil and Emmanuel Vercruysse. There are many interests that we explore both collectively and as individuals, and we when the right oppportunity occurs we assemble to collaborate and develop work that pushes our porfolio into new territory.

Dr Phil Ayres is Associate Professor at the Centre for Information Technology in Architecture (CITA) at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation (KADK) where he has pioneered the research of peristent modelling.
Nick Callicott
, a founder member of sixteen*(makers), is co-director of Stahlbogen GmbH, a subsidiary of Ehlert-Stahlbau GmbH which he founded with Kristina Ehlert in the Harz region of Germany in 2004. Nick remains a vital influence on the practice and is in many ways it's artery to the 'real' world.
Dr Chris Leung
has recently rejoined UCL and his erstwhile endeavours to expand our understanding of complex environments may be tracked at
Bob Sheil
is Professor of Architecture and Design through Production and since January 2014 he has been the Director of The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL.
Alongside Kate Davies, Emmanuel Vercruysse is a partner in the experimental practice Liquidfactory which they formed in 2008. Emmanuel has recenty been appointed as the Co-Director of the AA's Hooke Park.

The list of those who offer us wise council and critical insight is long indeed including key associates and institutions above. We are also immensely grateful for the critique and patience of intimate allies Caroline Zakrisson and Caroline Rabourdin.